Foundation for the Protection of the Arabian Leopard in Yemen

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Who Are We

The Foundation for the Protection of the Arabian Leopard in Yemen is a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring a "sustainably managed wild population of wild Arabian leopards living in harmony with local communities in Yemen." We partner with other organizations and individuals who have a stake in helping us to achieve our mission. Our Program Implementation Plan, though developed independently, is closely aligned with the Strategy for the Conservation of the Leopard in the Arabian Peninsula which was published by the Environment and Protected Areas Authority (Sharjah) in January 2010.

Saving the Leopard

Watch this stunning documentary about the Foundation's training mission to Oman.

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Arwa Mineral Water Company to Distribute New Leopard Labels

The Arwa Mineral Water Co. will soon produce 10,000,000 water bottles with special leopard ...

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Contact Us

Tel: +967 733 916 928
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P.O. Box 7069
Republic of Yemen