Increasing Public Awareness

Increasing Public Awareness

Increasing public awareness is a double-edged sword because not everyone agrees that preserving Arabian leopards is the right thing to do.  Therefore we must be careful about who we inform.  The Foundation publishes a monthly newsletter in English and Arabic that is received by a very select group of people who specifically request to be on our list.  We now publish the newsletter on our website, but if you would like to have a digital copy delivered to your inbox, send your request to Please specify which language(s) you would like to receive the newsletter in.

We also regularly publish magazine articles and are frequently featured in newspapers and on the web.

Of course, the future of the Arabian leopard will be most secure if we can convince children of the need to become lifelong conservationists.  Vanishing Spots a story by Carolyn Han and illustrated by Foundation Board member Adnan Jumman is a key to raising the awareness and understanding while gaining the sympathy, commitment and involvement of generations of Yemeni children in the preservation of their National Animal.

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Saving the Leopard

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