Mahwit Leopard Workshop

Mahwit Leopard Workshop
HE Minister Al-Eryani (2nd from left) and other VIPs at the Mahwit Leopard Workshop - Photo by Mohammed Shamsan

Background: In February 2010, Minister for Water & Environment HE Abdulrahman Al-Eryani approved a budget of YR 3,000,000 for activities to raise awareness about the Arabian Leopard in Mahwit governorate where there is evidence that a small population of Yemen’s National Animal may still exist.  Mohamed Shamsan conceived of a workshop with the initial intention that it should be held at Jebel Milhan, but logistics proved too difficult and the workshop was moved to the town of Mahwit.  Local arrangements were made by Abdu Al-Shathamy and awareness materials were developed by the Foundation in conjunction with Dreams Advertising.  Printing costs were paid for by Fuchs lubricants.  The original budget evaporated for reasons that are not in our best interest to discuss, and the final budget was pared down to about a sixth of its original amount.

Date: June 7, 2010

Budget: YR 500,000


  • Ministry of Water & Environment (Awareness budget)
  • Fuchs Lubricants (provided awareness materials)
  • In-kind contributions from the Foundation
Who was involved?:
  • HE Abdulrahman Fadhl Al-Eryani - Minister of Water and Environment
  • Eng. Abdu Al-Shathamy -Director General of the Mahwit Branch of the EPA
  • Mr. Mohammed Shamsan - Director General of Environmental Policies and Programs
  • Eng. Omer Baeshen - CITES officer, Sana’a Branch of the EPA
  • David Stanton - Executive Director of the Foundation for the Protection of the Arabian Leopard in Yemen
  • Fadhl Al-Eryani - Foundation Volunteer
  • About 100 residents from Mahwit, including Jebel Milhan
How was the money spent?:
  • Transportation
  • Hall rental
  • Refreshments
  • Stationary
  • Incentives for key guests
  • More than 100 residents informed about the value of conserving Yemen’s National Animal
  • Jebel Milhan was declared as a Protected Area by Yemen Cabinet decree on November 24, 2010 partially as a result of the workshop

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