30 May 2011 - The Foundation Wins Panthera Grant to Study Caracals in Wada'a and Jebel Milhan

A small grant of $5,020 was awarded to the Foundation for the Protection of the Arabian Leopard in Yemen by the Panthera Foundation.  In an email dated May 27, Assistant Program Manager Justine Oller wrote, "The Small Cat Action Fund (SCAF) is a grants program established by Panthera in cooperation with Conservation International, and with the oversight of the IUCN Cat Specialist Group.  The fund is intended to support in situ conservation and research activities on the small cat species. Grant applications must demonstrate that the project has significant scientific merit as well as direct relevance to conservation issues.  Our decisions are based on many factors, including technical reviews, budgetary constraints, and the conservation value of the proposed research, all of which your proposal demonstrated extremely well."  Although the focus of the Foundation is on the conservation of Yemen's National Animal - the Arabian Leopard - it is thrilled for the opportunity to expand its research and conservation activities to other species through the application of the Panthera grant.  Work will commence once disbursement procedures are complete.

Source: Foundation

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