Persian Leopard

Persian Leopard

Photograph by Thomas T

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Scientific Name: Panthera pardus saxicolor


  • Males range from
  • Females range from

Overall length:

  • Males range from
  • Females range from



  • Historic:
  • Current:




Conservation Status:

  • IUCN Red Data List 
  • CITES Appendix I (“Threatened with extinction and is or may be affected by trade”)

Population Estimates:



Long-term prognosis:

Persian Leopard Reports:

NGOs and Websites devoted to the Persian Leopard:

Plan for the Land Society

Iranian Cheetah Society - Established in 2001, the ICS spearheads the conservation of all wild cats in Iran

Persian Leopard Newsletter - Published by the Iranian Cheetah Society in recognition of the Iranian "Year of the Leopard"

Asian Leopard Specialist Society - an 'academic based group of leopard researchers who specifially study Asian leopard subspecies.' Currently headquartered in Iran.

Reports about the Persian leopard:









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