Ancient leopard relief at Jebel Al-Mahrug Photo by Hans Schmidt

Travel to Sa'adah has always been a bit tricky although foreign aid workers do go their under 'special circumstances' for humanitarian reasons.  For now, however, it should be considered off-limits to tourists.  We hope that this situation will soon improve as Sa'adah is a very intriguing governorate.  In Menebbah, some men wear wreaths of flowers in their hair and carry swords.  The grey soapstone pots that are favored for cooking Saltah are mined on Jebel Raza.

Ibrahim Al-Wada'i, one of the stars of Al Jazeera's Saving the Leopard, is currently the foreman of a construction crew that builds schools in Wada'a.  Because Ibrahim has unique skills that would be very useful in leopard conservation, and graduated from the training mission to Oman in November, 2010, we would like to find enough money to employ Ibrahim and put him to work on behalf of Yemen's National Animal, the Arabian leopard.


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